Carolina Cut

Grown in the beautiful Smokey Mountain region of Western North Carolina, our trout swim in clear, cold mountain water until they arrive at our plant. Once there they are quickly processed, packed in ice, and delivered to you.
Our trout are packed under our own exacting Quality Control procedures and meet the FDA HACCP standards.
Carolina Mountain trout are of the freshest, purest quality possible.

Boned Whole Trout

Backbone, pin bones, ribs, viscera, and gills are removed. The dorsal fins, tail and head are retained for a natural, "fresh-catch" presentation at the table.

Boned, Head-Off

Especially attractive and versatile, this cut has the same features as our Boned Whole Trout, with the head and the gill plates removed as well.

Butterfly Fillets

This cut has no fins and no tail as well as no bones. The Butterfly is elegant when stuffed, baked, or fried. It may be cut in half for lunch portions.


The traditional favorite of all the cuts is our boneless fillet. The colorful, speckled skin remains on the outer side - for trout "character."
These products are available both fresh and frozen.

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